The manufacturer of self-directed six-wheeled robots that lug groceries or even a hot meal directly to your house, Starship Technologies, is branching out into the package delivery sector. The firm this week announced that residents in the UK at Milton Keynes can have their packages delivered by little robots of Starship. The initiative will also launch by the end of the year in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Starship’s Robots To Now Deliver Packages

To do this, users will have to direct their goods to a Starship sorting plant. Once there, users can schedule a delivery or call their package with a few clicks on the firm’s application. Next, one of the robots from Starship will roll down the sidewalk with the parcel kept within its frame. The robots can navigate around humans, cross intersections, stop & wait for people to get out of the path, and their progress is personally observed by remote workers to make sure everything goes correct and discourage theft.

On a related note, a freshly-rolled out restaurant in the Nepalese capital is employing robots as waiters below the “where food meets technology” slogan. The Naulo Restaurant works with the assistance of 5 robots, of which 2 are named Ferry and 3 are named Ginger. These robots are manufactured and designed by Paaila Technology, a Nepali firm founded by 6 young engineers, specializing in AI (artificial intelligence) technology and robotics, claimed the media.

“Naulo is the first modernized robotic hotel not only in Nepal, but also in South Asia. We think that our robot is one of the most enhanced service bots in the globe that is very simple to operate and user friendly,” claimed CEO of Naulo Restaurant and Paaila Technology, Binay Raut, to the media in an interview. The restaurant has a menu integrated on tables in digital screens from where orders can be given straightly to the kitchen and then served by robots.

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